Revived Mindset


"If you do not communicate and tell your body what to think, who will?" - Samantha Schmuck

The RL Philosophy

When directed towards a single focus, the human mind is capable of astronomical feats. Take Olympic athletes, famous musicians, Steve Jobs, and even man reaching the moon as examples. However, when the mind goes unmanaged and left to its own devices it LOVES to explore every dark, negative nook and cranny there is.

When I notice my mindset beginning to slip towards darker tendencies I quickly run through this list to see if I have truly been nurturing a positive mindset or not. If I haven't, it helps me identify what my first steps are that I need to take.

  • Healthy foods first. If your internal chemistry is thrown off from the foods you are eating, creating a strong mindset will be challenging.
    • Fundamentals: H2O, sleep, movement, whole foods, sun light
  • Laughter! Ask yourself, "When is the last time I really laughed?"
  • Practice self-talk, each day, ALL day. Notice, "Have I intentionally been guiding my mind and telling it where to focus?"
  • Be willing to explore the negative thoughts without making them mean anything about WHO you are or WHAT you are capable of. Check-in and ask, "Has my week allowed me space to reflect and get curious about what is really coming up for me?" 
  • Forgive yourself for how things have been so you can move forward. Gently become aware of, "What have I been holding on to lately that is preventing me from fully moving forward?"
  • Use non-verbal processing techniques such as journaling, dance, breath work, etc. to move through different emotions or thoughts. Depending on where you are in your life this may be needed each day in some way. The greater the transition, loss, or chosen growth you are seeking in your life the more intentional mindset work that has to be done.

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