Revived Health


"It is not normal to consistently feel lethargic, stressed, foggy, have headaches, stomach pain, etc. You deserve to feel amazing in your body, but this calls for a rewiring of decades of prioritizing profit over people in both the medical and food sectors." - Samantha Schmuck

The RL Philosophy

There is no one right way to live your life or create your health for that matter.

Physical health can be measured to a degree by professionals and machines, but a healthy life can only be defined by you. Revived Living is about releasing rigid rules around food, body, exercise, self-care, and success and instead embrace your curiosity for life and your body's intuition.

What IS important is to consistently inquire to see what choices will increase your natural levels of joy, vibrancy, and satisfaction in your life. The question to ask is: What does #revivedhealth mean for me and where I currently am in all areas of my life? What would this new version look or feel like for me? Take a moment to get specific and really describe what your vision of health is!

Once you have a sense of what a healthy and full life looks and feels like to you, tune in to see why it is important to experience that in your life right now. What makes NOW the time to take action in a way you haven't before?

Below are several fundamentals of Revived Living to begin experimenting with to see how you can start reviving your health, and ultimately your life, today!

Eat fresh, whole foods as much as possible


Listen to your body to guide what you need in any given moment


SLEEP: quantity + quality


Be in nature and soak up natural sunlight as much as possible


Practice self-care regularly to decrease stress and increase your resiliency to new stressors


Move your body daily


Limit exposure to harmful chemicals in food, household cleaners, and personal care products


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