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You already do a lot. And, you understand the importance of goal setting in your life, but right now you’re feeling pretty stretched thin you're thinking "once I just get through __________, then I'll have the headspace to think about me." It's one thing to even think about your goals, let alone finding the space or energy to move them forward.

Your desire to feel and live your best life is strong but thinking of taking on yet another thing - even if it will move you in a positive direction, feels a bit too much at the moment.

This is where the #MyRevivedLife Goal Setting Workshop comes in...

Together, we’ll shift your approach to goal setting so that it becomes a simple process you can use to go to your next level OR during times of complete overwhelm to decide where to pivot and refocus your attention so you can nourish what matters most to you.

This is the same process I used when I was working 60-100 hour weeks so my personal life and health didn't completely crumble at the expense of my career thriving.

2020 is your year to live revived - honoring yourself and everything in your life. Right now the world and every organism on it are in a lot of pain. The revived life is way of living that challenges you to self-reflect and hone your mindset so you can live personally & professionally fulfilled while holistically nourishing yourself. 

This new way will allow you to drop the "all or nothing" approach tied to traditional goal-setting so you continue to take action even when life is challenging. 

Most goal setting workshops fall into one of these two camps:

#1: The Academic Approach - We’ve all tried it! It feels official and S.M.A.R.T due to the long, lengthy goal setting process that includes tangible goals,tedious to do lists, and step-by-step instructions on how the goal will be executed. There are multiple checkpoints throughout the year. But, you never make it that far, because although the goal hasn’t changed or disappeared - you’ve abandoned the arduous task list by March!

#2: The Overly Ambiguous Approach - It’s become popular to have a “word of the year” and then just make sure everything you do is in alignment with that word. Or, that your goals will manifest suddenly if you think about them enough and put it out in the universe. . Although some of these simple methods can be helpful, they are only a small piece of the puzzle. 

So, each year you sit down with your brand new notebook, hope, and determination  and start dreaming about what the new year will look like for you. 

You get really excited, but in the back of your mind know that you tend to fizzle out after only a few months, and wonder how you can keep yourself engaged in developing your goals past March! Shoot - January sometimes...

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

You know setting specific goals are crucial to set yourself up for success, but also don’t want to spend time or money on a large scale goal setting workshop. Because, you’re not really sure it can help, you already know how to write a good to-do list, and who wants to create a strict business-like plan to execute your personal life with anyway?

"I was in my 20s when I started writing my goals down, assigning each a date that I would achieve them by. I was amazed when I started reaching these goals by the date I had listed on them. It was a daily visualization exercise, and it almost always works."
~ Lewis Howes

You know that achieving your epic goals will no doubt take work and perseverance, but you want this first step to be fun,a little bit easier, & something you can use to easily course-correct with throughout the year…

Hey Beauty! Welcome to Revived Living! I'm Samantha.

I'm the founder & lead Holistic Life Coach here at RL. Transformation & growth have been the theme of my life and drives the work I do with clients each day. Life & you are complex which is why my goal setting process is geared around mindset training & building skills to help you course correct rather than a linear plan developed in a perfect world. 

Life has been quite the journey so far, but in brief, I grew up as a competitive gymnast until I began experiencing severe inflammation throughout my entire body retiring me from the sport, any high-impact movement, & my future of college scholarships with no answers from the medical community. Following this abrupt identity shift, I survived through a decade of various lengths of depression, anxiety, & self-harm, and have transitioned through 5 different states in the last 7 years. Going through these journeys alone taught me invaluable skills & lessons, however, I’ve also received my Bachelor’s in Health Coaching from Life University and have acquired several additional coach certificates from both Health Coach Institute and Institute For Integrative Nutrition. Enough about me though, if you wish to keep reading about my professional journey click here.

I’ve been learning how to train & redirect my thoughts to create specific goals in competitive sports since I was 7 years old and have spent the last 5 years guiding hundreds of clients through Revived Living and Health Coach Institute through this process.

I use everything I know about how we can transform our lives through mindset training, visualization, habit change, along with proven data about what makes goals “stick” when working with my private coaching clients. I teach my clients how to self-assessing, process complex emotions, and have compassion for themselves along the way so that one “bad” day or week does not turn into an entire year. 

Imagine creating goals this next year that you're still connected, excited, & taking action towards mid-year? 

I’ll show you that even if the path or “HOW” you obtain your goal shifts, the intention of the goal stays alive & thriving because it’s deeply rooted to something you value experiencing in your life. This gives you the freedom to change course on your dreams as needed, while still living in alignment with the intention you’ve declared for your next level.

In this workshop you’ll: 

LEARN -  which areas of your life are most calling to be nourished, and what you really want instead of creating goals around what you “should do”… “Pay off student debt” or “get a promotion”  <--- hint, those are potential outcomes of your goals… NOT the actual goals. 

REVEAL -  which actions need to happen first, what you need to let go of to move forward, and how your daily and weekly actions will create the habits that will lead you to inevitable success.

UNDERSTAND -  the bare minimum actions, a.k.a non-negotiables, that you need to take each week to keep progressing towards your goals and strengthening your internal foundation. Here’s the thing - life happens. Things go off the rails, you get sick or consumed with a project at work and that’s when we abandon our goals. Only to be frustrated months later when we haven’t yet met them or truthfully taken any action towards them. If you know the extreme bare minimum that will keep you on track, you have some grace and flexibility for those times when the shit hits the fan. And, it will. 

“I’ve never looked at my whole life in this way when setting goals before. It was so interesting to see where each area stood and how they all influence each other.”
~ Reset & Revive Retreat Attendee

Traditional goal setting sets you up to fail

as it’s only assessing the linear progress of the goal making you feel defeated the first time you miss an action step or “fall off the wagon” when the overly goal-restricting behavior throws you into a full blown binge. 

Have you ever felt like that before?

It’s because this highly popular method is only looking at that one goal and not honoring the fact that you are a dynamic human that often faces factors out of your control that derail your plans in a small or big way.

Change is not difficult, but it IS uncomfortable and does take time. That also doesn’t mean that you can’t feel results quickly when you take action on a few key habits each week.

My methodology will give you the foundation needed so you can succeed at any point in the year. It is a framework that is great to repeat quarterly or anytime you feel a change is needed in your life but you’re not quite sure where to start. 

In this workshop I'll:

  • lead you through a reflection visualization to ground you in the present moment
  • share my approach to goal setting which includes an exercise to zoom out and take a bird’s eye perspective 
  • clear the path to make it happen by helping you develop your weekly non-negotiables to continue to inch you forward so you aren’t completely derailed when you momentarily veer off track
  • teach you how to apply these tools post-workshop so you can cultivate the practice of self-reflection for success

2020 has been a strange year, but there is no time like the present to turn inward and do the inner work needed to create FULL alignment in your life from how you feel, view, & talk to yourself internally to the actions you take externally to create & reflect your values for your life. 


“Samantha has such a holistic approach to coaching that I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude. Being an entrepreneur I often times feel lonely & overwhelmed, trying to balance EVERYTHING at once, with Revived Living I no longer feel alone, and that is invaluable. I now have a safe place to turn to and Samantha is equipped with unlimited tools to work through things that once seemed insurmountable to me.  She really does listen to you and crafts an individualized plan that actually meets your needs.”

~ Rachel Nelson 

Just for you, I’ve created a simple, yet high-impact method to help you discover your true goals, develop the mindset needed to take action despite circumstances, and build a solid foundation for inevitable success.




#MyRevivedLife Goal Setting Workshop


This 90-minute workshop includes 6 videos streamlined for fast-action and long-term effectiveness, I’ll show you how to:

  • Determine what needs to shift most in your life to begin feeling a sense of revival
  • Discover what you desire experiencing next in your life & why
  • Reveal your mini-goals that will help you actualize your new reality 
  • Approach your goals holistically for greater longevity of results
  • Release the “all or nothing” mentality & embrace progressive mastery
  • Build in accountability & self-assessment to keep you on track when life hits the fan

This is a program designed for both immediate and long-term benefits. You’ll see a difference in how you approach your life and your goals from Day 1!

Two workshop highlight bonuses included are:

  1. Two visualizations that you can save separately and listen to any time it would be helpful - not just once a year when setting goals!
  2. Printable handouts and action steps to accompany each video lesson


  • How long will this take me
    • There are six (6) videos that total approximately 90-minutes long, but depending on how long you’d like to reflect and journal on each question will ultimately be up to you! I’d recommend having a 3-hour window of time where you can leisurely go through this process and maybe even add in some self-care practices along the way.
  • Will I have access to everything once I sign up
    • Yes! Once you sign up you will receive an email with next steps and how to login to access your workshop materials. If you receive a bonus for the time you purchase, this will be emailed to you separately from the workshop.
  • Will I get 1-to-1 time with you?
    • The workshop itself is digitally delivered, however, if you’d like more in depth support you can share your goals and experience of the workshop on Instagram to receive a 50% off discount code for an initial 90-minute session with me. This is typically a $297 value. To receive the code, make sure to tag @revived_living and hashtag #MyRevivedLife.  
  • What about a refund or guarantee?
    • Since all materials are immediately delivered all sales are final. As I am not able to be there and take the action steps for you, I can also not guarantee your success.