Small Space Movement Challenge 2018

movement revived health Nov 21, 2018

It is my first midwest winter in four years and it has got me feeling like...

The last thing I want to do is put on gym clothes and venture out into the tundra to workout. Additionally, over the last year and a half, many old injuries have appeared and I have had to scale my workouts down significantly.

While I have been working to rest and heal during this time, my body has begun to deeply crave movement again. Any of my fellow do'ers out there have a hard time allowing the process to go as slow as it needs to for a full recovery?

Since this healing journey began, fourteen years ago, I have had to step further and further outside of routine and experiment to find the movement, nutrition, and self-care practices that work best for my body. It has had many trying times, but the wisdom that comes from experiencing different challenges I would not trade for anything...which leads to how this whole movement challenge came to be.

Two years after leaving gymnastics I found the Argentine Tango. I loved the complexity of the skills involved, the music and anticipating where the song would go next, and most importantly it was a non-impact sport. Since then, I have fallen more and more in love with dance because it's a medium in which I can:

  • Have fun and experiment with different movements
    • This not only challenges me to be creative but works my muscular structure from multiple angles to strengthen me as a whole for functional movements in my day-to-day activities
  • Get a great workout in a short period of time no matter how big of a space I have to work with
  • Learn to trust my body and where it intuitively wants to go
  • Challenge my balance and coordination
  • Honor the intensity that my body can handle that day, slow stretching to Beyoncé-like cardio
    • *Warning: May increase calorie expenditure significantly from large amounts of laughter.
  • Work large muscle groups as well as smaller stabilizing muscles 

Whether you choose to dance or utilize other bodyweight movements like push-ups, squats, jumping jacks, high knees, etc.

I am challenging you to have a fun, 5 minute (minimum) low or high-intensity movement session every day from now until the end of this year.

Our bodies require movement to stay healthy and agile. If we let out cars sit out in the elements for years (the metaphorically equivalent to the daily stressors we can encounter), we can't be shocked that it doesn't start or drive like new. Movement is our bodies daily maintenance that we need to live a long and mobile life.

No fancy workout clothes required either! Keep your cozy and warm clothes on, but MOVE. Your body will be thanking you come January 1st for creating this time. Click here to see an example from one of my recent movement sessions!

I love to focus on fluid movements, ab isolations, and various squats. Due to the small space, I visualize what movements would be fun if I had an entirely empty room to myself and I'll mentally recruit all the muscles necessary for the big visualized movements even though I'm only physically doing small movements. If you can move more - great! But this challenge is simply to get you to move and mitigate any and all excuses that come up ;]

The holiday season is the perfect time for this challenge. Oftentimes we are traveling more, eating our favorite unhealthy throwbacks, we're out of routine, drinking more bubbly, and sleeping less, amongst other stressors specific to this time of year. This is only 5 of the 1,440 minutes that we have in a day so make sure to prioritize and create this time for yourself - it can even be while you are in the kitchen cooking!

Remember the most important aspects of this challenge are to have fun, be creative, and just MOVE!

If you ACCEPT this challenge, post a photo or video and tag me at @revived_living and hashtag #revivedhealth #SmallSpaceMC2018. Can't wait to move with you all into 2019!! Let's do this!



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