How To Go After What You Want

mindset Oct 29, 2018

Have you ever experienced that giddy excitement when a new idea comes to mind and you imagine what it would actually be like for you to experience it? Maybe it is a new business idea, a charity you want to start, a new type of exercise, or even a hobby that might be out of your current comfort zone. 

Today we live in a world where we have the ability to create and BE almost anything we can imagine so the question is...what has the little voice in the back of your head been begging you to take action on?

Have you been listening to this voice or have you been suppressing it? Whether it was the former or the latter, notice what feelings and sensations come up for you? 

Creating change is uncomfortable no matter how much we want it. Our biology is programmed to keep us where we are, despite how uncomfortable it may be, because to our psychology it is safe and survivable. Remember a little discomfort now, for greater comfort later.

For questions to help you further explore what you want click here. 

Here are the first five steps to take to really go after what you want:

  1. Discover Your WHY - There are an endless amount of challenges that can arise along the pursuit to achieve your goals. Taking time to explore WHY you really want something helps anchor your motivation to take action despite the challenges and keeps you living in the land of creating your dream not just dreaming about it.

  2. Chunk It Down - Take your goal and break it down into 3-5 phases. Depending on the size, complexity, or skill level needed to reach your goal you may need to break it down even further. Take these goals for example: build a website, eat healthy, bench _____ lbs, etc. On the surface, they sound nice and simple but once you begin to dig into them they become complex beasts. Complexity is not an issue when it is planned and prepared for, but if not, we begin to create excuses as to why we have not taken action or achieved it weeks down the road.

  3. Set Expectations - This builds off of step two, but if there are not clear expectations set from the beginning, it can create feelings of anxiety, frustration, judgment and shame, burnout, and negative self-talk like 'I must not have what it takes. Other people can do this, but not me.' Ask yourself questions such as: 'How much time do I have to dedicate to this each week?' 'With my various responsibilities, where does this fall in my priorities right now?' 'By what date would I like to achieve each phase by?' 'With the tools I have at my disposal right now, can I achieve my goal or do I need to start acquiring new resources to help me?'

  4. Identify Your Support or Accountability - Let's pause on support for a minute and get clear that support does NOT necessarily mean others understand your vision. Our desires and dreams are exactly that - ours! We all want to experience and achieve different things within this life which is beautiful and it can be daunting or not feel so good when the closest ones to us cannot understand why we want what we want. Seek out like-minded individuals in your immediate community or online who can support and cheer you on to go after what you want. If you desire in-depth, one-on-one support this is a wonderful place to consider if working with a coach is right for you! Click here to learn more.
  5.  Celebrate Your Wins - And by this I mean ALL of them, especially the small wins as they are crucial to creating the ultimate win of your goal. Celebrate the first day you take action, celebrate the day you faced multiple challenges and negative self-talk but caught your mind and redirected it, celebrate the first time you stepped out of your comfort zone even if it was only for a few minutes, and so on. You can celebrate with a simple, "YES!! Way to go (your name)! I am proud of you for _______________." Celebrating does not need to be done with things or special events. To create real momentum it is the mental celebrations that help you integrate your progress and establish a new identity that is capable of achieving and sustaining your goals.

Trust that you have everything you already need within you to create what you desire and now you have the first few steps to begin taking action to turn it into your reality.

Honor the ups and downs of the journey. You got this. Share what goal you are wanting to create in your life right now in the comments below so I can cheer you on from afar!

For your FREE worksheet to explore what you want to create in your life, click here to download it!



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