20 Reframes to Redirect Negative Self-Talk in 2020

mindset Feb 03, 2020

Resolutions tend to not work year after year because of two reasons.

1. They utilize the old mentality of "no pain, no gain". Most resolutions are structured on losing different things in our life from weight to foods and activities we love and enjoy to less stress, etc.

The mind is wired to seek pleasure and AVOID pain.

So if we set resolutions in a way that focuses on removing something and depending on will power and sacrificing now in an effort gain later mentality, we will continue being frustrated that we haven't made true forward progress towards creating a life that feels amazing to us both internally and externally. 

If this feels like your current attack when it comes to your 2020 goals and you're already feeling frustrated and defeated with the amount of life that has distracted you this year, head over here to learn more about my online goal-setting workshop that helps you approach your goals and life differently.

2. The second reason they tend to fizzle out is that they target behaviors without addressing the root cause - our thoughts. There's a little sequence of events that happens in the brain and it goes like this:

Thoughts create feelings that drive us to take positive or negative actions. 

Learning how to switch the dialogue that takes place between our two ears is where the real magic and true change happens because we are rewriting the foundation of our identity. 

If the old story is perpetually berating you on a conscious or subconscious level, it doesn't matter how much will power you have, you will always feel like you are self-sabotaging in some form. 

Here are 20 reframes to help you end the war within and start flipping the script in your mind so you can start creating positive behaviors that are in alignment with the life you want to create:

  1.  I feel like I'm failing.                 
    I'm not failing, I'm just beginning and building my momentum.

  2. I'm so mad and angry at my body for ___________(how it might look or feel). 
    If this were my body making a request for me to stop something or add more of something, what might that be? How can I honor and appreciate my body's individuality?

  3. I can't _______________.
    I choose not to. I can do anything I focus on and commit to.

  4. I can't ______________.
    What can I do here then?

  5. I can't ________________ until I feel 100% confident in how I'll do.
    Part of confidence is built in the preparation, but 80% of confidence comes from taking action before I feel completely ready. I got this. It won't be perfect and that's okay. I'll learn a lot and do it better next time.

  6. I don't have time for __________________.
    I have enough time for the things that matter most to me.

  7. I'm always exhausted.
    I need to take a minute to turn inward and revive my energy.

  8. I never get it right.
    I just learned one way to do it better next time.

  9. I'm not someone who does _______________.
    According to whom? Is that the truth or could I if I wanted to?


  10. I'm not a person who works out.
    Great, what kind of movement brings me the most joy that I can incorporate on a regular basis? (hiking, gardening, dancing, walking to work, etc.)

Head over here to J'adore Detroit to snag 10 more reframes to rewire negative thinking this year.

Have inner dialogue you'd love to reframe that wasn't mentioned above? Share in the comments below or find me at @revived_living on instagram and I'll help you find a positive switch!

Always rooting for you,


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