10 Tips to Reduce Stress This Holiday Season

health mindset movement Dec 18, 2019

The holidays and New Year can bring forward literally ALL the things we may have been avoiding throughout the year. No matter what’s true for you this time of year, I challenge you to utilize one or multiple of the following tips so that you enjoy your experience regardless of what it looks like this year for you. 

Time is the most precious currency we have. I wasted years reliving past stories, negative thought patterns, & believing I didn’t fit in anywhere. Even if you are currently going through challenging times, how can you challenge your mind to find joy and things to be grateful for. 

Here are some of my favorite tips to help you do just that:

  1. Schedule time for self-care. Whether it’s 5 minutes or an hour creating space to tend to your own needs in a season where we predominantly show up for others it will allow your body time to recharge and counter any stress that comes your way this season.
  2. Drink extra water. The holidays have an abundant amount of alcohol and sweets around every turn. While only a bandaid a friend of mine once said, “The solution to pollution is dilution.” By drinking extra water you will help your body process and detoxify these different substances and help you feel your best as you party hop. 

  3. Set boundaries around what you want to share or not share with loved ones. It’s difficult for family or friends not to ask questions and be interested to hear what’s going on in your life. Minus the aunt or uncle that always has to drop shade around your life choices, decide prior to the party what you’re willing to chat about or not. If it’s a topic you’re not wanting to go into simply thank them for being interested but that you’d rather talk about something else.

  4. Get off social media. Keep in mind that despite our best efforts to be authentic on social media it will always be more of a highlight reel than anything. If you catch yourself having fomo or getting down on your holiday situation, close the app and visit tip #1 or any of these tips that feels best to you.

  5. Move that beautiful body of yours (yes you). When we become stagnant physically and indulge in sugar and/or alcohol it can cause negative thought patterns to exacerbate. Feeling a bit anxious about the holidays for any number of reasons let it move and dissipate through the body by moving it rather than sitting and thinking about it. To learn more visit my blog about movement for emotional well-being or how to create a movement menu to stay inspired this winter.

For the last 5 tips head over to J'adore Detroit to read the full post!

Always rooting for you,



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