10 Tips to Cultivate Success in 2018

Uncategorized Jun 18, 2018

When I am planning a new year, I love to zoom in and out until I have a clear vision of what the best path forward looks like. Here is a sneak peek at how you can begin to do this for yourself!

First, zoom out. Take the whole year into consideration and get a feel for what you would love to be celebrating December 31, 2018. What is this version of you experiencing that feels unreal to share with your loved ones? What lets you know you’re experiencing this? What do you see, hear, and feel around you?

Second, zoom in.

Before you zoom in, one quick thing. Be unattached. Hold the year vision as the propeller that excites you to take the necessary action. Honor each step that you take, but be unattached to it looking exactly like you imagined it. This allows spaciousness for new ideas, resources, and partnerships to come into play and possibly even expand the outcome that you were originally able to dream up.

Okay, now back to zoom in.

Taking on the entire year at once is overwhelming. When beginning a new year, I like to focus on the first quarter, or three months, of the year. This allows me to focus on building a strong foundation that will allow me to scale towards my bigger goals with ease and grace throughout the year. What new habits, mindsets, or skill sets are required for you to reach your biggest goals for yourself this year?

Third, zoom back out.

What are you already doing or not doing that is aligned with your overall outcome. By taking time to zoom back out you can identify gaps and understand what is needed to fill them, as well as honor and celebrate all the efforts you are already making! Now you can move forward confidently addressing each gap at a time, rather than expending a bunch of effort and not understanding why you’re not making any progress.

Fourth…can you guess it? Yup! Zoom back in.

What are the weekly activities that you need to devote time and energy towards that will help move you forward toward you first quarter foundation goals? These are the small daily or weekly habits that help you build clarity, energy, and momentum forward. This could be, but certainly not limited to: activities that help you destress like mediation, breathing techniques, exercise, learning a new skill set, eating foods that give you energy, creating connection with your partner, etc.

Whatever the necessary activities are for you to build a strong foundation are name them and SCHEDULE them. Yes. If it is not on your calendar, it will fall into a pile of other to do lists.

Your dreams are too important not to schedule consistent time into your week to build them.

Now that you understand how to assess your year and begin to break it down to build your foundation, here are my top 10 tips for success this year!

  1. Slow down and reflect often.
  2. Laugh as much as possible.
  3. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Life is meant to be fun.
  4. Fill your body with whole, vibrant foods that help fuel you to your next level.
  5. Surround yourself with people who inspire and challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone.
  6. Move your body and test what you think it is capable of.
  7. Schedule the things that are most dear to you.
  8. Find adventure in the mundane.
  9. Give back to others.
  10. Practice gratitude daily and weekly.


Dream big. You got this.

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