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Move Your Way Closer To Self-Love

I love you.  Three easy words for me to say to the special people in my life, but saying them to myself…IN A MIRROR…once felt ...

10 Ways to Release Stress

Stress is the root of all disease and running rampant for so many of us with never ending to-dos. Check out my fav 10 ways ...

Episode 073: Exploring Therapy for Trauma, Motherhood, & Loss with Brooke Stone

In this episode I dive in with Brooke Stone of Detroit Counseling Collective to learn more about her journey and how she supports women transitioning ...

Episode 077: Costa Rica Wellness Retreat & Building Workplace Culture with Rachel Nelson

In this episode I dive in with a dear client, Rachel Nelson, Founder of Concetti, an Interior Design Strategist firm. Rachel and I have been ...

Episode 070: VegInspired Whole Food Plant-Based Lifestyle with Kathy Davis

In this episode I dive in with Kathy Davis, CEO of VegInspired, to share her journey navigating a whole food plant-based lifestyle. How she went ...

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