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Small Space Movement Challenge 2018

movement revived health Nov 21, 2018

It is my first midwest winter in four years and it has got me feeling like...

The last thing I want to do is put on gym clothes and venture out into the tundra to workout. Additionally, over the last year and a half, many old injuries have appeared and I have had to scale my workouts down significantly.

While I have been working to rest and heal during this time, my body has begun to deeply crave movement again. Any of my fellow do'ers out there have a hard time allowing the process to go as slow as it needs to for a full recovery?

Since this healing journey began, fourteen years ago, I have had to step further and further outside of routine and experiment to find the movement, nutrition, and self-care practices that work best for my body. It has had many trying times, but the wisdom that comes from experiencing different challenges I would not trade for anything...which leads to how this whole movement challenge came to be.

Two years after leaving gymnastics I found the...

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How To Go After What You Want

mindset Oct 29, 2018

Have you ever experienced that giddy excitement when a new idea comes to mind and you imagine what it would actually be like for you to experience it? Maybe it is a new business idea, a charity you want to start, a new type of exercise, or even a hobby that might be out of your current comfort zone. 

Today we live in a world where we have the ability to create and BE almost anything we can imagine so the question is...what has the little voice in the back of your head been begging you to take action on?

Have you been listening to this voice or have you been suppressing it? Whether it was the former or the latter, notice what feelings and sensations come up for you? 

Creating change is uncomfortable no matter how much we want it. Our biology is programmed to keep us where we are, despite how uncomfortable it may be, because to our psychology it is safe and survivable. Remember a little discomfort now, for greater comfort later.

For questions to help you further...

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10 Tips to Cultivate Success in 2018

Uncategorized Jun 18, 2018

When I am planning a new year, I love to zoom in and out until I have a clear vision of what the best path forward looks like. Here is a sneak peek at how you can begin to do this for yourself!

First, zoom out. Take the whole year into consideration and get a feel for what you would love to be celebrating December 31, 2018. What is this version of you experiencing that feels unreal to share with your loved ones? What lets you know you’re experiencing this? What do you see, hear, and feel around you?

Second, zoom in.

Before you zoom in, one quick thing. Be unattached. Hold the year vision as the propeller that excites you to take the necessary action. Honor each step that you take, but be unattached to it looking exactly like you imagined it. This allows spaciousness for new ideas, resources, and partnerships to come into play and possibly even expand the outcome that you were originally able to dream up.

Okay, now back to zoom in.

Taking on the entire year at once is...

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Dear Mom, It's Okay...I'm Okay

Uncategorized Jun 18, 2018

Dr. Larry Nassar was my doctor from the time I was 12 to about 16. He was the person I, and so many others trusted. All I wanted was help finding the answers that would help heal my body so that I could go back to the sport I loved. He influenced the direction of my career for many years and I held him on such a high pedestal. My throat tightens and my eyes well up with rage as I write this. I am speechless as I try to wrap my head around the gravity of what was allowed to go on for as long as it did.

Judge Aquilina – Your handling of this case and the way you allowed each victim to share their story of survival is inspiring. Thank you for letting these women be heard loud and clear, and setting such an example for how these ‘accusations’ should be handled. She said it was her “honor and privilege” to sentence him—I can’t even imagine how much!

I will allow the letter below to fill in the rest:


Dear Mom,

It’s Okay....

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