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Overcome Your Struggle In 2020

mindset Nov 25, 2019

QUESTION: How do I move forward when past thoughts/memories keep coming up?

Have you ever tried to make a change in your life and been reminded of how “badly” it went in the past? Or how you didn’t show up for yourself in a positive way previously so why would you now? I say “badly” in quotes because this is often very subjective and we tend to be our harshest critics.

This is a topic that comes up when working with my 1-to-1 clients a lot. Let me start by saying that thinking of, or being reminded of your past is not a confirmation of how weak you were or how badly you coped with “fill in the blank ________ experience” in the past. It also does not take away from the steps you’ve taken forward. It was merely an experience that happened in your life, but does not define you til the end of time.

Keep reading for a mindset reframe on struggle or skip to the end for questions you can ask yourself to begin the healing process.


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Reduce Stress In 4-Minutes Or Less

Morning meditation, movement, staying hydrated, journaling, and eating a diet rich of fresh whole foods are all great ways to reduce the overall burden and stress has on the mind and body. However, what do you do if you’re currently in a massive life transition where everything is in flux, or you’re working 60+ hour weeks?

One of the biggest areas I work with clients around is reducing stress during transitional periods in their life, and that starts with awareness. Awareness is a topic I have shared many times here on J’adore this year because when we have awareness, we are at choice.

We are ALWAYS at choice, however, sometimes the negative automatic patterns we’ve been using to cope with a situation makes us feel captive to them rather than feeling empowered to make a positive change.

While the present scenario might not be able to change drastically in the moment, we can drastically shift our perspective and the emotional stress our current reaction to a...

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Create a Movement Menu to Stay Inspired This Winter

Uncategorized Oct 24, 2019

Unless you are an avid Crossfitter who will not miss a 6 am WOD during a winter blizzard, this blog post is for you! The summer months inspire activity on every level but during the cold dark months of winter finding the inspo to get out of your deliciously warm bed to go workout can be rather...well difficult.


One of the biggest mindsets I work with clients to overcome is an “all or nothing” outlook. Either I workout for 60 minutes 5 days a week or why even bother? 


Most health education has been ideal standards set based on research, but it fails in the sense of most people know what they “should” be doing, but they don’t know how to implement it in their hectic lives. Add on the fact that probably .5% of the population actually enjoys being on an elliptical for an hour, no wonder we are living in a stressed out sedentary culture plagued with chronic illness that the medical community is at a loss for. This is where a movement menu...

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Reset & Revive With Herbal Tea

Uncategorized Oct 14, 2019

Brisk weather is sweeping in at an accelerated rate as the long summer days become shorter and shorter. While a Michigan-native, living in San Diego for three years has made it ever more difficult to say goodbye to our already too short summers. However, there is one main thing I love about cooler temperatures and that is TEA!

I’m a hot beverage girl. However, tea usually slips to the wayside for me during warmer weather months but a hot cup of tea with local raw honey in the cooler months is my favorite remedy. 

For this post I partnered with Courtney, resident blogger here at J’adore and Founder of Spoonful of Ink to share her expertise on turning garden herbs into the most delicious and restorative cup of herbal tea! 


I’ve always loved tea - it’s been a ritual, sharing a cup of tea at the end of the day, for...

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Fall Lessons For Mental Health

mindset Sep 18, 2019

We can learn a lot from the seasons. According to the Five Elements Theory, which derives from Traditional Chinese Medicine, each season has its own energetic dynamic and movement of energy or Qi. 

For my ladies out there, if you’ve ever tried to understand your menstrual cycle on a deeper level this is the same idea. We just experience these four main seasons monthly as opposed to annually!

The more we can surrender and lean into these seasonal cycles, the more we can harness their power as opposed to fighting to keep the rigid schedule that once served us at a point in time.

Fall is a season of shedding layers, looking inward, and fostering inner reserves so we can leap to our next level.

After the expansive and lively energy of summer, nature is now constricting its energy and moving inward to nourish its roots. As much as our human brain and society likes to make us think we are separate from nature, we are built from the same fundamental building blocks and thus are...

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An Athlete's Mindset Tool To Implement In Your Life Today

mindset Aug 29, 2019

If you’ve ever wondered how elite athletes perform at the top of their game, you’re in the right place. And guess what…the best news is you can do it too by implementing this technique in your life.

Jumping right in, the top mindset tool elite athletes use that everyone can benefit from is…VISUALIZATION.


Also known as a mental rehearsal or guided imagery, this is a process of imagining various images of what you’d like to experience in a specific moment as well as all the other sensory stimuli (smells, sounds, touch, taste) that go along with the event for you.

Olympians have been using this technique for decades to train their mind as much as they physically train their body. 

Imagine you’re in their shoes for a moment. You’re at a peak moment in your athletic career, the whole world is watching, and you’re going up against the absolute best of the best in a climate you’re not familiar with,...

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DIY Oat Milk

food health Aug 15, 2019

There’s no denying it, non-dairy alternatives aren’t the same as their dairy-counterparts. Not in texture or taste, but that’s okay - they aren’t made from dairy! The main perk of these products is that they don’t create a reaction in the body for those of us intolerant to dairy. 

While many dairy lovers (all personal responses I’ve heard) scoff at nut milk alternatives, quite a few have fallen in love with oat milk. It offers a much creamy texture than almond milk and has a subtle sweet nutty taste. 

DIY Oat Milk is great for two main reasons:

  1. Store bought milks can be costly & making your own is a simple way to trim expenses
  2. Avoiding exposure to food various food additives 

Point two is worth expanding on, but first, recipe time. 

What you’ll need:

    • Blender
    • Sieve (fine mesh strainer), cheese cloth, or some crafty AF skills
    • Bowl
    • Sealed container to store oat milk
    • 1 cup old-fashioned rolled oats 
      • If...
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Sustainability in Fashion: Interview with Erin Wetzel of Orleans & Winder

fashion sustainability Jul 18, 2019

As a Health Coach, sustainability is a topic I am constantly exploring and one that is relevant in any area of our life. From a habits perspective and practicing negative habits that aren’t sustainable for vibrant health to negative self-talk that leads us into a black hole to our food systems and sustainable farming practices. 

When I first started studying to be a coach in college, it was hard for my mind not to spin out about how commonplace toxic chemicals are in our food, products, and environment. This captured my focus for a few years until I moved to San Diego and had two roommates who introduced me to the concept of slow fashion vs fast fashion. 

When I lived in Georgia I had interviewed farmers and was enthralled with the slow movement of food, but hadn’t yet considered how it also showed up in the fashion industry.


Slow Fashion is the movement of designing, creating, and buying garments for quality and longevity. It...

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3 Health Coach Approved Recipes for 4th of July

food health Jul 02, 2019

I will start this blog off by saying there are a lot of talented craft cocktail makers out there and I am not particularly one of them. However, I have been told I make a delicious old fashion that even converted me over to loving whiskey a few years back!

I’ll predominantly stick to my lane in health & life coaching, so I am here to make sure you stay as hydrated as possible while celebrating our beautiful country this week. 

For these recipes, I chose to focus on using tequila, gin, and vodka but feel free to substitute your favorite spirit for any of the below recipes that make sense to you!

Over the last few years my body has become highly sensitive to alcohol and even one drink can leave me feeling hungover the next day. If alcohol no longer agrees with you or you choose to opt-out, you can always make the recipes mocktail style or add a few drops of CBD oil to add a subtle level of relaxation in.

While you do not have to completely cut out alcohol to be...

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Your Guide to Healthy Sun Exposure

Uncategorized Jun 11, 2019

Are you ready for sun and #lakelife yet??? It feels like winter has dragged on for far too long, but it has given us the perfect opportunity to talk about sun exposure and clear up some common misconceptions.

Similar to milk propaganda being responsible for “building strong bones” for decades, we have been led to believe that sun exposure alone causes skin cancer and we must apply SPF every day before leaving the house.

Clean SPF’s are particularly helpful for protecting the skin from early aging, but according to Dr. Mercola,


While you may want your summer glow ASAP, be patient and gradually introduce your skin back to the sun. There are many elements like water and...

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